About the Forum

On 25 March 2014, the Independent Coal Seam Gas Science Forum was conducted at the NSW Parliament. It’s goal was to bring together scientists, lawyers and other experts to present the most current research and analysis of the regulatory environment for coal seam gas exploration and development in NSW in a publicly accessible way.

Prof. Anthony Ingraffea, Cornell University – Well Integrity in NSW

More videos recorded during the workshops and forum will be posted on the video page as they are processed.

The NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer was tasked by the Premier in early 2013 to “conduct a comprehensive review of CSG-related activities, focussing on the human health and environmental impacts” of coal seam gas activity.

The Chief Scientist’s Initial Report was issued in July 2013, which recommended that the Government should “champion further research on the unanswered questions around the science of CSG”.

The Report identified major gaps in scientific understanding of CSG, particularly in regards to the potential impacts on water that coal seam gas development presents.

Despite these unanswered questions, the NSW Government continues to consider and approve coal seam gas exploration programs, most recently in Gloucester and the Pilliga Forest.

Understanding the long-term risks of this industry, especially to water, is critical for decision makers.

The Independent Coal Seam Gas Science Forum represents an attempt to resolve these issues, by collating the most credible and up-to-date scientific information for decision makers and the public.

View the Forum Program by clicking here.

About the Organisers

The Independent Coal Seam Gas Science Forum is being coordinated by a Steering Committee composed of rural landholders, organisational and community representatives and a planning consultant. The Steering Committee have engaged independent experts with proven track records in industry, government and private consulting and who are recognised leaders in their professions.

The Steering Committee members are: Hugh Price (Chair), Rural Landholder and Chairman, Namoi Community Network; Warwick Giblin, Managing Director OzEnvironmental Pty. Ltd. Founding President (NSW) and Fellow of the Environment Institute of Australia & New Zealand; Jon-Maree Baker, Rural Landholder, Executive Officer, Namoi Water and Rural Woman of the Year 2001; Anne Kennedy, Coonamble Farmer, President of the NSW Artesian Bore Water Users Association, NSW Government Great Artesian Basin Advisory Group; David Quince, Mullaley Farmer, Gunnedah Shire Councillor; Justin Field, Senior Strategist, The Sunrise Project.


3 Responses to About

  1. Patricia Kahler says:

    Big Thanks to everyone involved for making this event such a wonderful fact filled day! You can be assured that both myself and many others left the forum with a lot more knowlege about the industry than they had beforehand! Everyone that cares about our land, water and future should Hear about this! Coal Seam Gas Mining is a threat to ALL! Best wishes to all for a sustainable and safe future Trishwildfire

  2. Paul Wray says:

    I am sure many people have thought, like me, that CSG for all its faults, might offer an immediately-available, lower-carbon alternative to coal. If so, it ought to be considered, but this video strongly suggests that CSG offers no such advantage.


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